Blossoming into Bliss

Blossoming into Bliss – A Woman’s Healing and Sexual Awakening Book (english version)


Blossoming into Bliss is an inspirational and eminently practical book drawn from the author’s own journey of sexual healing and spiritual discovery. Tantra teacher and Yoga Therapist Suriya Nicole Nitschke brings her unique approach to a woman’s deep sexual awakening, engaging and integrating all the layers of the being – physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual – in this holistic process.

Sacred Yoni Massage

Sacred Yoni Massage Online Course


This sacred Yoni Massage online course for individuals and couples offers great teachings & knowledge about the tantric sexual healing practices. How to become fully orgasmic and awakened into bliss, step by step! This fantastic course allows you to work privately at your own pace and will facilitate profound changes in your intimate relationships and experience of pleasure.

Blossoming into bliss + Sacred yoni massage

COMBO: Book Blossoming Into Bliss  + Online Course Sacred Yoni Massage

$300 $250

This exceptional combination of the book “Blossoming Into Bliss” as well as the online program “Sacred Yoni Massage” will give you a full picture of the female sexual potential and how to reach those heights and blissful moments not only for yourself but also with your intimate partner! Get a deeper understanding of the tantric teachings and at the same time get many tools to heal and unleash your own sexual innate power.

Blossoming into bliss + Sacred yoni massage

SPECIAL COMBO: Book Blossoming into Bliss + Online Course Sacred Yoni Massage + 3 individual supportive Skype Sessions


Receive this Special Combo Price and enjoy the book, learn all about the Sacred Yoni Massage and get additionally 3 skype sessions of 30 minutes each to support you with any additional questions & concerns that might have come up during your journey.

Blossoming into Bliss book cover German

Erwachen Der Ekstase – Die Heilung der Weiblichkeit & das Erblühen ihrer Sexualität (deutsche Ausgabe)


Erwachen Der Ekstase ist ein auesserst inspirierendes und besonders praktisches Buch welches durch die persoenliche Heilungsreise der Autorin ins Leben gerufen wurde. Die Tantra Lehrerin und Yoga Therapeutin Suriya Nicole Nitschke vermittelt einen einzigartigen Ansatz in Bezug auf das tiefe Erwachen der weiblichen Sexualität und der Entdeckung der Spiritualität. In diesem ganzheitlichen Prozess werden alle Ebenen des Wesens – physisch, energetisch, emotional, mental und spirituell – angesprochen und integriert.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra


This Recording allows you to dive deeper into the world of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Gyanmurti guides you in about 30 minutes through a full Yoga Nidra Relaxation inspired by Bihar school of Yoga.The yoga nidra type designed by Swami Satyananda from Bihar school of yoga has lots to offer in term of therapeutic aspects.  It takes us into a journey of relaxation by releasing accumulated tensions through the different layers of the body and the mind.  It starts at the level of the physical body, then moves to the emotional one and goes on with the deeper unconscious aspects of the mind.  To finally bringing us gently back to the surface.  Very efficient and purifying.