Blossoming Into Bliss Book + Sacred Yoni Massage Online Course Combo

$300.00 $19.90

This exceptional combination of the book “Blossoming Into Bliss” as well as the online program “Sacred Yoni Massage” will give you a full picture of the female sexual potential and how to reach those heights and blissful moments not only for yourself but also with your intimate partner! Get a deeper understanding of the tantric teachings and at the same time get many tools to heal and unleash your own sexual innate power.



The combination of the book and the yoni course is exceptional and rounds up the teachings given by Suriya in a complete picture. Each of those courses alone are fascinating and whole. The combination though shines light into the same topic – of using sexuality and our intimate power to find more fulfilment and deeper love in our lives – from two different sides.

A must for those who are in search of answers, of a need for transformation and deeper fulfilment and wellbeing!