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Sacred Yoni Massage Online Course

Every woman has the right to feel love, pleasure and beauty within herself!

In my Sacred Yoni Massage online course I combine my knowledge as a Tantra teacher and a “Sexpert” together with my own personal awakening of this so often wounded feminine area as well as with my experience as a Yoga Therapist.

Our Yoni, the sanskrit word for vagina, is not always this pleasant, juicy, blissful part of ourselves that we love and worship and feel “home” with. For many women it is an area filled with trauma, pain and emotional hardship. Many women do not know their fullest potential they carry within. Explore even deeper with this fascinating course!

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Every woman has the right to feel love, pleasure and beauty within herself!

For many of us, the yoni (sanskrit word for vagina) is an area which holds trauma, pain and emotional hardship. We see it as a separate part of ourselves and become disconnected from the full potential we have within us. We might move into avoidance of intimacy or we simply “dissociate” when the experience gets challenging.

Be the one who unleashes her fullest potential

For that reason I decided to create this online course to shed light into the area which is often referred to as “down-there”. As if it is not part of ourselves. As a partner, lover or girlfriend this video explains in simple – to – follow steps how to prepare for and how to give a full tantric, sacred Yoni massage:

You will learn

  1. What a sacred yoni massage is and its main healing aspects.
  2. Where all the juicy and orgasmic bits are, including the G-Spot, K-spot, A-spot, P-spot, the cervix and much more.
  3. How exactly to massage these deep, sometimes tender areas.
  4. How to release tensions from inside and out, via Thiele inspired points and mapping of the Yoni.
  5. How to deal with trauma & dissociation thus creating new levels of awareness and understanding.
  6. How to experience deep pleasure and even deeper orgasms and what to do with all that accumulated energy in a beneficial way.
  7. How to hold space when working with a partner.
  8. Insight into ancient tantric teachings and the ability to undergo profound energetic shifts.

You will receive

  1. Detailed guidelines and preparation for this ground-breaking healing journey and unfolding of your sexuality.
  2. Regular Q&A sessions via our complementary platform.
  3. A confidential support group to reach out for guidance and sharing.

The orgasmic journey

This fantastic course allows you to work privately at your own pace and will facilitate profound changes in your intimate relationships and experience of pleasure; guiding you into becoming more present for yourself and your partner, acting as a channel for divine experiences to unfold.

Learn and dive deeper into moving energy according to tantric principles

This is not just a guide on how to give an excellent Yoni massage but it will also teach you basics of sexual spiritual Tantra. What can you do to hold the space for your partner as a giver, how can you become fully present and only a vessel to what is about to happen. As your ability to perceive and move energies increases, you will explore aspects of your being previously unknown.

Start today and explore a new way of being which may well change your life forever, as it did for me!