Upcoming Workshop: Sacred Yoni Massage Foundation: March 17th, 13:00 – 16:00, Reich der Sinne Health & Wellness Center, Munich; open for all, couples and singles, men and women


Many women struggle having orgasms, feeling insecurities in bed, or simply don’t know what they want or need to feel fulfilled. This unsatisfied sexual and spiritual life results in low libido, frustration and anxiety. Lack of orgasm does not necessarily mean the partner is not performing correctly. Many women actually feel numb, or don´t feel anything in their Yoni, the Sanskrit term for Vagina.

The health of the pelvic floor muscles are playing a major role in the sexual life of a women.

They can be:

  • weakened due to childbirth, lack of training or age ( showing up as incontinence)
  • tensed due to stress, trauma, imbalanced emotions and excessive “training” of the muscles through so called ″Kegels″

Merge with ecstasy by melting into your deepest form of pleasure and creative life force!

With many years of experience, Suriya has worked with women from different backgrounds and ages. She helps women to gain new insights about trust, surrender and deep, mesmerizing orgasms.

The entire session lasts approx. three hours. This allows for an individual approach allowing the healing session to unfold according to each women’s comfort and consent! The session can be done with clothes on or off, according to personal preference and needs.

I support you to allow the space for:

  • emotional releases
  • healing traumas
  • transforming tensions
  • and cultivating your orgasmic potential.

What do you get?

  • This online program called “Sacred Yoni Massage” is an excellent course for individuals & couples who wish to improve their sexual intimacy, their orgasmic potential and to free blocked energies from within.
  • You will learn step by step how to give a sacred Yoni massage.
  • What are Thiele inspired points and how to map the Yoni?
  • How can your partner, the giver, support the woman in this process, how to move energy and how to hold space for the woman.
  • How to go beyond trauma and negative sexual beliefs.
  • How to release tensions and pain from the Yoni and pelvic floor area.
  • How to find the different orgasmic areas such as G-Spot, A-Spot, P-Spot, Cervix, K-spot and how to stimulate them.
  • Receive clear and simple – to – follow instructions in a real time Yoni massage session, for you to practice at home with your beloved or intimate friend.
  • Learn the basic and fundamentals of a preparatory sensual massage including breasts, abdominal massage and yummy bum massage!
  • Receive clear teachings on how to bring her towards deep blissful pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms from within!

Benefits of this tantric healing massage

  • Radiate inner beauty
  • Increase sensuality as woman
  • Understand the body and all the pleasure zones
  • Release tensions from the pelvic floor
  • Move powerful energies throughout the body
  • Feel the different aspects of energy and transform them into more refined levels
  • Gain control over your pelvic floor muscles
  • Empower femininity through openness and surrender
  • Heal traumas and pains from the past
  • Harmonize your inner man and woman
  • Open up to your full orgasmic potential

If you are also interested in learning this tantric healing massage, please contact us.