Although Tantra is much more than only “SEX”, in our “journey through sexuality workshop” we mainly explore the aspects related to sexual energies and our innate creative life force. Humans are social beings, constantly inter-acting with each other. Relationships, sexual or not, are a matter of daily nature. The sexual energy is one of the strongest and most creative force on earth. It is strongly influencing our relationships and behaviors.

In tantra, sexual energy is used as a medium, a tool, a stepping stone towards evolution and unfolding of our greatest potential. It leads to personal growth, uplifting sexual inter-course and fulfilling relationships.

Many men and women struggle with unfulfilled sexual desires, low libido, sexual blockages or even shame & guilt related to intimacy. Whether single or in a relationship, whether sexually active or not, people constantly face this powerful energy that creates, manifests and gives us the enthusiasm and inspiration to implement our purpose in life.

The information given in this special course is devoted to the tantric beginner practitioner, and is provided in a systematic, successive and easy to understand approach.

Participants will obtain a clear comprehension on how authentic tantric practitioners engage, activate and master this creative sexual force to enhance their personal and spiritual evolution. You will learn how to use and even redirect this power into a more refined and vertical nature.

Sexuality Workshop
A one day workshop, this includes the full workshop with teachings and fun exercises in groups and solo practice as well as supplemental written material for free. This handout with all relevant teachings is included in the price.

This workshop is marked by many exemplifications, fun activities and a 100% safe and no nudity environment! A Journey through sexuality workshop is consecrated mostly to theory, training and practical issues for the individual and couples.

Lectures which are given by us are always between 20 minutes and 50 minutes short, afterwards activities and exemplifications plus open Q&A.

Tantra sexuality workshop

As a man, our workshop can help you

  • To become a better lover
  • To rediscover your inner strength and potency as a man
  • To plant seeds of confidence and virility
  • To increase mental lucidity and masculinity.
Tantra sexuality workshop

As a woman, it helps

  • To refine your femininity
  • To empower your sensual nature
  • To guide you into the realm of phenomenal lovemaking and astonishing orgasms
  • To bring forth your radiance, vitality and empowerment as a woman

What is covered in our workshop

Dive into the world of Tantra with its traditional secret teachings and the communion between sexuality and sacredness. Attain a deeper understanding of the transformational realm of a spiritual refined being:

  • Sublimation and transmutation of energies
  • Yogic purification and diet
  • Polarities
  • Transfiguration
  • Sexual empowerment
  • Phenomenal orgasms for women
  • Retention, control and development of climax for men

We offer these teachings via

  • Theory
  • Exhilarating exercises
  • Tantra related Yoga practices that enhance your sexual life and orgasmic potential
  • Interactive group discussions
  • A lot of fun and surprises!
  • Question and Answer sessions throughout the entire workshop