UPCOMING: 3rd of March 2019, Reich der Sinne Health & Wellness Center, Munich: 09:00 – 16:30, Euro 120,-

The quest for building a fulfilling, harmonious, and conscious relationship with oneself and others is one of the greatest social challenges of modern times. This Relationship Workshop encourages the expansion of perspectives on relationships using the wisdom of ancient models based on the science of Tantra and modern psychological models.

This course is recommended for both single men, single women and couples who wish to create extraordinary relationships filled with depth, intimacy and passion. The participants will explore the theory behind modern forms of relationship with teachings adapted to western mind-set and context, without losing their traditional authenticity. The teachings will be supported by practical exercises and fun activities!

Awaken Heart

“I have so much gratitude for this workshop and for everyone involved, this is exactly what I was looking for. I am not scared anymore. You guys said when I came here: “take from this workshop what works for you!” There is so much that I take from this workshop and I haven’t worked it out yet, what to leave yet. It was definitely worth it. You guys were meant to be here for me. It is your energy that invites comfort, your presence is just beautiful, and the activities were so much fun! I booked 3 weeks ago and I feel so lucky that I got in!”


Uncover the different ways of being with someone you love or others you would love to love. This is an amazing insight into tantric relationships giving the option to explore the many facets and possibilities of your relationships and sexuality. Men, women, couples and singles will rediscover what love is and its profound transformative power to enliven the relationship. Learn models and perspectives on how to have a fulfilling, connected, harmonious, and spiritual relationship and understand the importance of embodying the innate masculine and feminine nature; the archetypes.

What we offer

  • Learn to love more fully, in your relationships with others and yourself!
  • The art of giving pleasure! Learn how to create more intimacy, depth and passion!
  • Fun and humour and personal experiences, supported by a vast variety of tantric teachings, practices and psychological models
  • Tools on how to change your current situation and stepping forward into fulfilment and depth
  • Possible answers to the challenges you are facing in life right now and very applicable teachings for your daily life

What you’ll learn : How to

  • create a deeper sexual & intimate bond
  • deal with insecurities & jealousy within yourself and in the relationship
  • attract your perfect partner both within existing relationships and in future relationships
  • act from a space of fullness thus creating extraordinary relationships, filled with passion and depth
  • understand & communicate better with the opposite sex

“I recommend to take this course to make you a better partner either you are single or in a current partnership. We were in a relationship for 9 years and we were having some issues on the brink of breaking up. This workshop was amazing, it changed how we acted in this relationship and it was entirely transformed. Our relationship blossomed after that, it became more loving and open. It took many negative aspects away, instead of continuing the try and error, we found a safe way on how to live consciously in a harmonious and balanced way. One year later we stand here in a very strong loving relationship!”

  • M.W and R.W.
Pelvic Floor Class

This workshop is marked by many exemplifications, fun activities and a 100% safe and no nudity environment! This intense immersion weekend is consecrated mostly to theory, exercises and practical instructions for the individual and couples.

We keep a very respectful and elevated atmosphere throughout this entire workshop! Meet new friends and expand your social network of like-minded people!