This interactive women’s only circle opens the safe space to share, to grow and to learn from each other. These sessions are dedicated to the study of the Tantric vision of female spiritual seekers in the 21st century. Together with theory and practical training for the individual you are given the opportunity to awaken into your full potential as a woman and to discover the feminine way! Let us talk about our womanhood, our sexuality and explore its corners which have been neglected until now. Let us mirror each other to let our light shine through. Let us reveal our inner goddess.

“Suriya has a loving and soft presence which immediately allowed me to relax.  She so beautifully creates an intimate and safe place for us to share our vulnerability. Her teachings are clear and concise and come from a wealth of personal experience. I feel grateful to have been blessed to sit with such a woman of wisdom. Thank you for your devotion towards facilitating healing in women. You are a generous and loving being.”