Tantra is a study for a lifetime, yet it may offer astonishing fruits already at the early stages of your tantric path. In this 5 hour Experiential Tantra we focus on achieving authentic and illuminating tantric experiences of the soul, mind and body. It is a beautiful opportunity to delve deeper into the tantric mysteries and to truly experience Tantra.

In this workshop interactive activities are emphasized for enhancing the tantric experience and learning to overcome shyness and personal limitations. We will present tantric teachings for achieving success not only in the tantric sexual practices but also in other fields of day-to-day life. The advanced tantric methods introduced in this workshop give access to the deeper levels of the mind and bring powerful, long-lasting results – ultimately, according to the great tantrics, the mastery of the sexual path of Tantra is achieved through the mind. We will also explore the harmonious flow of feminine and masculine energies and learn to guide them.

Special Tantric games and initiations will be presented with a dignified approach and with respect towards each participant. You will learn to open yourself and reach new levels of heart-centre and tantric understanding.

The Experiential Tantra workshop is open to everyone, singles and couples alike. Although this course builds on the knowledge presented in

  1. Tantra, A journey through Sexuality
  2. Blossoming into Bliss
  3. Tantra Hatha Yoga classes

Prior attendance of these are not a prerequisite but is highly recommend to dive deeper in the tantric knowledge.

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