These 3 hours are dedicated to couples and singles who want to go deeper into the Tantric experience and their personal growth. Tantra recognizes and uses the world as a tool, as a way of overcoming our limitations and identifications with the ego. For this we must turn our gaze inward, see all our aspects in our personality and character traits; the good and even what we call the shadow aspect.

We are integrating exercises into this workshop that bring us into contact with the ego and our identification with it.

You will be learning a deeply touching and intimate ritual that you can do as a couple at home. In this workshop there won’t be any nudity or sexual interactions with each other. The practices given are for personal training at home.

The last part of the workshop is a beautiful (non-sexual) Tantric ritual which we will all perform together as a group, using the group dynamic to rise our level of consciousness and to experience a different dimension of our being.