Wanna come?

Most women do not experience any form of orgasms, some of us experience only one and the lucky ones maybe even 2 two. Sexologists found out that one of the main reasons not to experience any orgasm is the lack of awareness and understanding of what is happening “down there”.

In this exhilarating course we will discuss many of the challenges a woman has to face in order to allow herself to go deeper and deeper into her pleasure, her sensitivity, vulnerability and surrender. I will talk you through all the different forms of orgasms, what they are, how to reach them and how your partner can support you in this process!

This will be definitely a revealing, eye opening and maybe even life changing workshop for you!

The workshop you gave on “How to be a Tantric Woman and the Different Forms of Orgasms” was exceptionally helpful to me!  You provided us with such specific, factual information about the tantric path, the different forms of orgasms, the structure of the yoni and ways to deepen sensation and connection during intimacy.  I especially appreciated the distinction between sex as a spiritual practice and sex as a form of pleasure.  I feel much better equipped in continuing on my spiritual/sexual path and have already noticed a difference in my ability to be present during love-making.  Thank you!